Our key differentiators are:

  1. We have a built set of standardised web services and products for the most commonly requested web solutions of our clients.

  2. Our solutions are always aimed to offer a very competitive price.

  3. We have an in depth knowledge of many web- or cloud-based application services and we constantly evaluate their value proposition for small and medium sized businesses.

  4. As a solution design principle, we focus on improving the core business processes our clients ask for and identify potential cost savings wherever we can.

  5. We have a very smooth running 4-steps solution design process for our client meaning you will have a working business solution template or prototype in less than 2 weeks.

  6. We operate remotely using web conferencing and application sharing solutions such as Vyew, .So we are completely flexible in having ad hoc meetings online at a time most convenient to your time schedule.


How to put a blue sky business idea into the web or on the mobile?

Challenge us with your blue sky business idea:

  1. We will put your idea to the web and on the mobile

  2. We build a small business solution that fits your business process and needs

  3. We follow the agile development method and rapid prototyping approach

  4. We will customise the best suited and most cost efficient web or smart phone applications on the market

  5. We will define and automate the new process of your blue sky business idea

And will help you introduce your new innovation to your customers.

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